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Free Texting is an app that was designed to let you send SMS.
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Philip Bernstein

Free Texting is an app that was designed to let you send SMS. The app costs 99 cents but after you purchase it, you should be able to send SMS to cell phones based in the US at no additional cost. This application has a very simple graphical user interface. It basically consists of a small window with a few text fields. To send a message, you need to type in the number of the cell phone you want to text, your e-mail, so that the recipient knows who to reply to, and your message. There doesn't seem to be a limit of words that you can include in your message. When you are done typing your message, you can send it by clicking on the "Send message" button.

In my testing of this app, I was unable to get it to work. Whenever I clicked on the "Send" button, an error text appeared below it which read "Connection error". I tried several different numbers just to be sure. Those numbers were for different carriers as well. When I couldn't get this to work, I headed to the Mac App Store to see what experiences other users had with the application. Surprisingly, there were quite a few positive reviews, but also some negative ones.

José Fernández
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  • If it worked, you could save some money


  • It didn't work for me
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