frame4zoom 2.0

frame4zoom is a Mac app to reduce the size/definition of jpeg images...
2.0 (See all)

frame4zoom is a Mac application to reduce the size/definition of jpeg images and to decorate them with borders and text (signatures).
The main features are:
- Unlimited number of profiles/settings
- Specify width and height of the reduced image (while preserving the aspect ratio)
- Specify the maximum size or jpeg compression of the output file
- Apply an unsharp mask to increase output sharpness
- Completely choose font attributes of the text elements
- Precise text positioning
- Combine borders of various colors and thicknesses to create a frame
- Add shadows to borders
- Preserves EXIF data
- Add a copyright info or comment to EXIF data
- Instantaneous low-res preview and one-click high-res preview
- Batch process a whole folder containing a set of pictures

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