FontVista 4.6

Create, manage, browse, and update your font collection.
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Check out a collection of instruments and database elements for the fonts available on your Mac. Work with the options to create and print sample sheets with different types of fonts, including PostScript Fonts, TrueType Fonts, Multiple Master Fonts, OpenType, PC TrueType, etc.

FontVista is our powerful font catalog and inspection utility for Mac. FontVista can create and print customizable font sample sheets of all your fonts. Supports PostScript Fonts (Type 1), TrueType Fonts, Multiple Master Fonts, OpenType, PC TrueType.
FontVista will inspect fonts that are actively loaded in your system, as well as fonts that aren't loaded or installed. FontVista can seach your hard drive for fonts to activate and print, export as HTML, or print to a PDF. Choose from three different customizable layout templates to create single type spec sheets or an entire type catalog from almost any output device.

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