FocuSee 1.0

A screen recording tool with auto zoom and multiple custormized features.
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FocuSee is a powerful screen recording tool with automatic zoom effects, various cursor styles, and click effects. It's designed for Indie Hackers, small startup teams, designers, trainers and content creators. With its user-friendly interface, FocuSee allows for the easy creation of captivating Demo/Tutorials/Promo/Launch/Pitch/Sales videos without manual editing. By using FocuSee, you can effortlessly create professional-looking videos in minutes, effectively capturing your audience's attention. Save you precious hours and extra effort on video editing.

How does FocuSee work?
- Simply record your screen with FocuSee's three screen recording modes: full screen, custom portion, or specific window.
- Once you've finished recording, your video will automatically have zooming effects applied. You can further customize your video by changing the mouse styles, adding click effects, choosing a background, and more.
- You can export your video as an MP4, GIF, or shareable link.

Innovative features of FocuSee:
- Automatic zoom & cursor movement tracking
- Highly Customizable: Various Cursor Styles & Click Effects, Special Spotlights, Webcam & Screen Layouts, Diverse Webcam Frames & Filters
- Multiple Export & Sharing Options: MP4, GIF, or instantly shareable links
- Add in-video forms and buttons to get leads and feedback more efficiently



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