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Free A smart personal organizer based on the ideas behind the Eisenhower box.
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Focus Matrix is intended to help you organize your work into tasks. It is particularly based on the ideas behind the Eisenhower box, consisting in creating a hierarchy of tasks according to their urgency and importance.

The application’s main window shows a matrix with four quadrants, representing such categories as Important and Urgent, Important and Not Urgent, Not Important and Urgent as well as Not Important and Not Urgent. So, instead of adding new tasks sequentially based solely on their order, you need to evaluate them before and decide where to put them. Each task can be given a descriptive name; besides, it is possible to identify it with tags, explain with notes, assign a due date and add a reminder.

The good news is that tasks can be seen in two different views: Matrix and List of Sections. Besides, the application can generate visual reports of the tasks with the possibility of using filters such as date range, importance, urgency and tags. Luckily, it is possible to drag tasks and drop them onto a different quadrant if you feel it is necessary. What is more, those not-urgent tasks with approaching due dates are automatically moved to the list of urgent ones. There are limitations, though, as to setting the duration of a given task in terms of needed time.

It is good that task lists can be exported to PDF documents or sent directly to the printer. Besides, the application integrates seamlessly with other applications, such as Calendar and Be Focused. Likewise, there is a version of the tool you can use on iOS devices, which supports synchronization as well. Finally, your lists can be shared on some of the most popular social networks, like Facebook and Twitter.

In short, Focus Matrix can help you increase your productivity mainly through a more efficient organization of your tasks. This way, it lets you really concentrate your efforts on those that really demand it. The product is available from the Mac App Store and some advanced features are to acquired separately via in-app purchases.

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  • Efficient organization of tasks
  • Supports two different views
  • Task reminders
  • Dragging and dropping tasks to different quadrants supported
  • Integration with various applications
  • Synchronization across devices


  • Limitations as to setting the duration of a given task in terms of needed time


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