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Flying Haggis is a great sounding, expressive virtual guitar amp.
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Flying Haggis is a great sounding, expressive virtual guitar amp with a no-nonsense design and a character all of its own. Rather than follow the current trend of simulating existing hardware, Dave (our technical architect) designed this amp the old fashioned way - using his ears. And since Dave likes playing blues & rock, that's what Flying Haggis is really good at.

There are NO sound clips here. You wouldn't go into your local music shop and ask to listen to recordings of their amps - you'd pick up a guitar, plug in and start strumming. So go ahead - download the Flying Haggis demo, plug in your guitar, and get playing. Then you can truly appreciate what a responsive little amp this is.
Why Flying Haggis?

After days searching for a suitably impressive name with which to embellish our finest amp, we had it narrowed down to DGA10FXi or Flying Haggis. Since we believe this business takes itself all too seriously sometimes, we went with the latter for a bit of a laugh.

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