Flume 2.8

Manage your Instagram account directly from your desktop.
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Flume is an Instagram desktop client developed for Mac computers. With its help, you can send messages to your Instagram friends, leave comments to your favorite posts, upload new pictures and videos on your profile page, and so much more.

The program is very intuitive and fully customizable. What's more, it comes with a built-in help manual that teaches you how to work with Flume on your Mac.

You can use the utility to share your newest pictures and video clips, mark your favorite posts or follow other people's accounts like you would normally do from your default web browser, smartphone or tablet.

The only thing you need to consider before using this program on your Mac is that it violates Instagram's Community Guidelines. To be more exact, this tool isn't an official client created by the company owning the Instagram service. As a consequence, based on the guidelines from the aforementioned service, there's a chance that your account might be deleted after using Flume on your Mac. Still, on the Flume website, it says that "0 accounts have been banned through their use of Flume".

Therefore, it's up to you to decide if it's worth taking the risk to start using Flume on your computer to manage your Instagram account.

Ashley Griggs
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  • Comes with a help guide
  • Lets you watch videos and preview pictures
  • Shows notifications for new posts and messages
  • Brings you an efficient search tool


  • Violates Instagram's Community Guidelines
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