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Flinto is intended for creating prototypes of entire apps. In this respect, the tool is characterized by the possibility to create projects with multiple screens and transitions between them. Fortunately, the product has a lot of documentation available, including a large number of tutorial videos and support from an extensive community of users.

It is good that Flinto provides you with initial guidance. Thus, there is a welcoming screen from which you can access numerous online tutorials. Likewise, it comes with various templates intended for such devices as iPhone, Apple Watch, iPod, Google Pixel and Nexus, which does not mean you cannot use custom measurements instead.

The app lets you draw every screen just as you would do with any paint tool. Luckily, you can work with layers so it is possible to work with complex designs more easily. Its basic objects are rectangles, ovals, text, vectors and images, which you can customize by changing their colors, line width or adding shadows, for instance. However, this object collection may seem very limited if you compare with those available from other tools of the same type, which also include interactive objects.

Another quite welcomed possibility is that you can apply animations to the objects, for instance, spring and curve. In such case, you need to provide parameters like final position and time. Fortunately, it is allowed to use multiple animations on the same object and even use sound effects.

Probably the best feature you can find in Flinto is that it supports including as many screens as you need in your project. Likewise, it lets you carefully plan the flow through those screens. What is more, you can use custom transitions between them to make the navigation more seamless.

As to integration with other products, Flinto currently lets you import projects from Sketch and Figma, two very popular design tools. Likewise, it supports exporting recordings of your mockups, which you can post on the Cloud. Still, its sharing capabilities seem somewhat limited if you compare them with those of other similar apps, particularly if you need to share an interactive prototype with other members of your team.

All in all, Flinto lets you prototype your apps in such a way that it does not require writing a single line of code. Since there are other similar products out there, I really recommend taking a look at some before deciding to buy one. It is not a matter of them being better or worse, but of adapting to your specific needs. Luckily, trying Flinto will not cost you a cent.

Pedro Castro
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  • Supports many screens
  • Transitions between screens
  • Object animations
  • Supports layers
  • Lots of documentation
  • Templates for many devices
  • Imports from Sketch and Figma
  • Supports sound effects


  • Limited collection of objects
  • Limited sharing capabilities
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