PhotoResize 5.0

It is a simple app that helps you resize, rescale, and rename image files.

PhotoResize is a simple application that helps you resize and rescale images. This way, you are able to adjust the quality of multiple photos in one session, as well as to align differently dimensioned images to the same width and height sizes. In addition, the tool has renaming abilities. This feature will help you save the output files under different names, using algorithms that you can customize to suit to your needs.

Providing a simple and mostly common interface, the program is straightforward and easy to use. You don't need special knowledge to work with this tool. The functions are conveniently displayed in plain sight so that you can manage them with ease. Loading the files is done easily, either by the handy drag-and-drop method or by browsing through your computer from within the application. Since the program’s major asset is the ability to process files in batches, you can import both separate images and entire folders of files.

Adjusting the image size implies setting the quality and the number of pixels you want to output to. For storage space reasons, you can lower the quality of the original files to preserve most of your computer's free space. You can also rescale multiple pictures at once, either by selecting one of the available presets or by entering custom dimensions. To do that, you need to choose first a unit measure as a point of reference.

As a renaming tool, PhotoResize isn't different from other similar programs that perform the same task. You can keep the original name, change it completely, or add suffixes and prefixes either to the original name or to a text-pattern.

The program is stable and reliable when it comes to resizing, rescaling, and renaming multiple image files. You can use it to line up multiple images to certain size standards, so that they can fit perfectly in photo albums, for instance. However, a preview of the imported files isn't available, which is rather inconvenient.

Ioana Dumitrescu
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  • Easy-to-use app
  • Rescales images
  • Provides three renaming modes
  • Supports loading files by drag-and-drop
  • Processes image files in batches


  • No preview
  • Can't save the output files into different formats
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