Fishdom: Seasons under the Sea

Fishdom: Seasons under the Sea 2.0

Fishdom Seasons under the Sea is a special edition of the Fishdom series.
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Fishdom Seasons under the Sea is a special edition of the Fishdom series that will allow you to create original aquariums with three holiday themes: Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. In order to buy the necessary things to create your aquariums, you will need to play match-3 games. In these games, you need to swap adjacent items to align three or more of the same type and make them disappear from the board. The objective of every level is to eliminate all golden tiles by making matches with the items on them.

For every level you complete, you will receive some money that you can later use to buy decorations, fish and plants for your tanks. You should always pay attention to the meters you have at the top of screen, which will indicate what you should buy to keep your fish happy and complete your aquarium. The game offers simple but very attractive graphics, nice sounds, and very pleasant music. There are two modes to choose from: Relaxed (you play at your own pace) or Against the clock (which is timed.) A great thing is that you can use your tanks as screensavers.

Silvana Mansilla
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  • Two modes
  • Nice theme
  • You can create three different tanks
  • You can use the tanks as screensaver
  • Enjoyable


  • Simple graphics
  • No changes in the gameplay
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