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Professor Fizzwizzle is an etertaining and challenging puzzle game.
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Professor Fizzwizzle is an entertaining game that provides you with challenging puzzles, a simple gameplay, a funny story, and a cute character.
Fizzwizzle is a smart professor having no time to do all the tedious work, so he built robots to help him and called them Friend-bots. Unfortunately, he accidentally turned his friendly bots into rage bots, and they threw him out of his lab. Your task is to help the professor get back to the lab and dial Rage-bots back into Friend-bots. To perform a mission, you need to solve dozens of puzzles. On every level, you should help Fizzwizzle get to the exit tube by moving crates and barrels, pushing magnets, opening gates, running away from Rage-bots or freezing them, and so on.

To move the professor, you simply should use the arrow keys or click the mouse. Fizzwizzle can run, climb, and even fall without being hurt, but he can't jump. If you get stuck, you can restart the level as many times as you need. Also, if you think you can not find the way out, you can choose to be shown the solution. The option can be used unlimited times during the game. Also the game offers various funny power-ups.

Besides, every level has instructions (question marks); when passing them by you will be stopped and shown explanations on various items. At first, they seem to be helpful, but further they may become a little bit annoying. And, unfortunately, there is no possibility to turn them off.

Still, the game is really interesting, and is a brain teaser: the further you play, the harder puzzles get. You can choose the skill level: regular, kid, alphabet, or advanced. Moreover, besides solving the numerous offered puzzles, you can create your own ones using the level editor.

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  • Challenging puzzles
  • Plenty of levels
  • Simple gameplay
  • Level editor


  • You can not turn off the instructions


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