Firewatch 1.0

A first-person game in which the main character explores the unknown.
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Firewatch is an adventure first-person game in which the main character explores the unknown. Behind the game, there is a story that really drives the actions, instead of being just a pretext. Henry, a fire lookout in the Wyoming wilderness, suddenly perceives something is wrong. So, he decides to explore the forest where he will have to make choices. At all times, he can be in contact with Delilah, his supervisor, and their dialogs play an important role in his decisions.

The game may cause a scary feeling; it is more about mystery and suspense, though. One thing is true: it can absolutely absorb you and provoke a wide range of emotions. The 3D graphics are spectacular, with lots of details you can explore. Besides, there is a great soundtrack that backs up the story perfectly.

There is yet another thing that deserves mentioning: the dialogs. In this respect, the conversations are very realistic, bringing about different feelings, sometimes anger, sometimes despair, and even humor. It is also good that a wide range of responses is available; however, I feel that your choices do not really change the course of action during the game.

All in all, Firewatch is a high-quality game with an involving story, which can hook you to your computer for the approximate three hours it takes to complete the whole track. Without any intention of making this review a spoiler, there is one thing I did not like about the game: the ending, which leaves you with the feeling that everything you did was for nothing. The product is available from different vendors, including Mac Store.

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Pedro Castro
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  • Great and emotional story
  • Successfully engages the player
  • Excellent graphics
  • Realistic dialogs
  • Great soundtrack


  • Your responses in dialogs do not seem to affect the course of action
  • Anticlimactic ending


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