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Free Fire Hose Chat lets you chat with visitors on your website.
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Fire Hose Chat lets you chat with visitors on your website.
When you open this app, we give you a code snippet to paste into the HTML of your website and that's it! You'll see a list of everyone who is on your website in this app. They'll see a chat box in the bottom right of your website. You can chat with them, they can chat with you. Free Features Try it out without entering any information (name, email, etc) or installing anything on your website. Chat with yourself or coworkers. If you like what you see, it's super easy to install on your own website. Easy to install. Just paste some code onto your website and you'll see everyone on your site in this app. See a live list of everyone on your website. Visitors can expand the chat box on your website to start chatting. You can initiate a chat with anyone on your site. Their chat box will pop open and make a sound. You can receive a push notification to your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Mac when someone wants to chat, even if the app isn't open. You can set "do not disturb" hours that determine if the chat box allows visitors to try and live chat with you. If you are not available, meaning you are in "do not disturb" mode, visitors can leave their e-mail and a message so you can respond later. See helpful information about each visitor: What website (if any) referred them to your site, how long they've been on your site, how long they've been on the current page, what type of browser/operating system they are using, what city they are in, etc. Create an account so you can log in on all your devices. You can see when visitors are typing and they can see when you are typing. Mac and iPhone/iPad app available. Paid Upgrade Features Customize the look of your chat box. Embed it in your website. Have complete control over the CSS. Invite others to help you chat with visitors on your site. You can invite as many other people as you want without additional cost. View your chat history. Browse through every conversation you've ever had with a visitor on your site. See when your teammates are typing so you don't both chat with a visitor accidentally.
Note: Upgrade Subscription is $14.99/month.

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