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Fire Ball is a Zuma clone that replicates the gameplay almost exactly.
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Fire Ball is a Zuma clone that replicates the original's gameplay almost exactly. It goes so far as to use several audio assets directly from the original, proprietary license be damned.
Just as in Zuma, there is a jungle theme. An arcade ("Quick") mode and a progressive level-based mode exist, although it's unclear what the difference is between them. You control a lifeless turtle rather than a frog, but just as in Zuma you fire colored balls at a string of them moving down a track, in order to eliminate them by matching three or more of the same color. Just as in Zuma, shooting a ball onto one end of a gap closes the gap if the ball on the other end is the same color, and just as in Zuma, the balls slow down when they approach the hole that can swallow them all and announce game over. At the same time, the product is clearly inferior, with inconsistent audio quality and no story to speak of, among other faults.

Sam's Protip: Apple shouldn't have approved this program, and you shouldn't play it.

Sam Lloyd
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  • Some attractive original game art and original level designs


  • Almost exact Zuma clone with stolen assets and inferior features
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