FinetuneDesktop 1.0

An easy-to-use application for listening tracks found in the FineTune database.
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FinetuneDesktop is a handy application for playing music tracks. It provides the users with access to a track database owned by FineTune. Also it offers means to create a personal playlist. This piece of software comes with a simple and modern look and a nice GUI that allows the users to interact with buttons rather than text commands. The tracks are well-organized by genres and artists, but in my testing, I found several songs that were categorized faulty. It comes with great cover for artists and genres, ranging from Gospel to pop, pop-rock or metal. It also provides a tab for iTunes artists, which automatically retrieves information from your iTunes library. The overall functionality of the application is good, but I met a non-responsive playlist and failed to load a playlist several times, so there is room for its improvement. Also, for every track, the users can click on the dollar sign in order to be directed to the website where they find links for buying the track.

In conclusion, FinetuneDesktop is an easy-to-use application for listening to tracks found in the FineTune database.

Dave Hattey
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  • Easy-to-use menu
  • Appealing interface


  • Unresponsive playlists or errors (playlist not found)
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