FileTools 1.6

Performs a wide variety of file wrangling and processing tasks.
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FileTools is a flexible and powerful suite of tools for easily performing a wide variety of file wrangling and processing tasks. It is fast and simple to call up a tool when needed, and yet FileTools stays unobtrusively in the background when not in use.

The Stored Files window enables you to cultivate a list of file locations (local or on remote servers) for fast access, much like bookmarking a site in web browser. You can add comments to your locations to help identify them, and search if your list starts to get long. The File Renamer uses a flexible system of drag and drop tools to create complex workflows for batch renaming files. The archive tool can open a wide variety of compressed and archive file formats. The checksum tool supports a selection of algorithms, including the popular MD5 and SHA-1 options. The verified file copy tool supports a choice of verification methods, including checksums. The duplicate finder automatically explores a directory structure and hunts duplicate files contained within, while the Merge Folders tool can combine two folders, following customisable rules to determine which versions of conflicting files are kept. The Folder Printer tool creates directory listings which can be printed out or saved to disk as text or HTML files. A file info tool allows you to view and edit file metadata, including dates, tags and extended attributes. Using the File Splitter tool, you can break a file into a number of small chunks for transportation then reassemble it later.

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