Disk Manager - Manage all disks 5.0

Browse and view thumbnails of the files on your external disks.
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Disk Manager – Browse Disks Offline (which is also named Disk Manager – Manage All Disks) is intended to help you browse and view thumbnails of the files on your external disks, even if they are not currently connected to your computer. Please, bear in mind that this is not a backup tool, as it does not create a copy of the file. Instead, it indexes such properties as a name, creation date, location, etc.

The application has a very straightforward interface. There is a pane on the left that shows a list of indexed drives. Fortunately, you can manage them right from there. In this respect, you can simply drag and drop the desired drives as well as remove those you no longer need. The second pane, in turn, shows a list of the folders, which you can browse just like in any file manager. The third pane displays the list of files in the currently selected folder while the last one is intended for previewing thumbnails of those file types that supported. Moreover, there is also the possibility to search for a given file.

The application supports detecting duplicate files. However, you may want to consider disabling this feature as it will take considerably longer to import a drive. Besides, there are some additional options. For instance, you can pick the desired location for the app’s database. Likewise, you can create different databases and even protect them with passwords. And, if you feel the database is exceedingly big, you can disable importing thumbnails. Regrettably, there are reports of this app taking too long to scan bigger volumes. more

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  • Detects duplicate files
  • Built-in search
  • Creates file thumbnails
  • No need to plug in external drives


  • May take too long to scan bigger volumes



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