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FileGuard 10.6's safes are not only secure; they are also portable. You can...
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FileGuard 10.6's safes are not only secure; they are also portable. You can store safes on file servers or external disks and you can keep them on your home or office Mac with no risk of anyone opening them. You can even send FileGuard 10.6 safes to friends, family or colleagues, and they can access files contained in those safes, as long as they have the password, even if they don't have FileGuard 10.6 software.

FileGuard 10.6's safes are easy to access. Double-click a safe's icon in the Finder, then enter your password to open it. When a safe is open, you simply drag files to its icon to add them to the safe. You can use floating avatars for your safes, unique icons that display above other windows on your screen, so you can drag files to them regardless of which other windows are visible; alternately, you
can make your avatars behave like ordinary windows, hidden until you bring them to the front. You can also access your safes easily from the Intego menu that displays in your menu bar: you can open a safe, no matter where it is stored, by simply selecting it from the Intego menu and typing your password. Finally, you can access safes from standard Open and Save dialogs, so you can select files from them to work with, or save files directly to your safes to avoid writing them in unprotected form to your hard disk.

Features of FileGuard 10.6

Stores sensitive files in secure virtual safes
Industry-standard encryption makes safes unbreakable
256-bit encryption available under Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard
Users can create as many safes as they need
A different password can be set for each safe
Safes can be created by drag-and-drop, or from the Intego menu
Safes can be converted to folders
Files can be securely deleted when added to folders
Safes increase in capacity as more files are added
Safes can be changed in size, or compressed to save space
Safes can be opened by a simple double-click in the Finder
Protects sensitive files on laptops in case of loss or theft
Protects files on portable media, such as iPods or USB key drives
Safes work like folders - files can be dragged to and from safes
Safe icons indicate their status (open or closed)
Floating windows provide access to safes at all times
Safes can be sent by e-mail, or stored on servers or external disks
Read and write permissions can be set for safes stored on shared volumes


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