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An RSS reader tool with priority assignment.
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Collect data from multiple news sources and display new articles and posts. Browse through the content in the dedicated window, access the source web pages, etc. The utility includes automated algorithms determining the most interesting and relevant news to display them with priority.

Feedy is an elegant and unique RSS news reader with a killer feature. By using special algorithms, Feedy can determine which items in your feeds are the most interesting and important so that you can find them easily. There are a lot of other cool features too.
- Built-in support for Readability for clutter-free reading
- Clean and intuitive user interface
- Top stories highlighted so you don't miss anything important
- Top feeds: Subscribe to a feed and only get top stories
- Sort stories by time or by rating
- Highlight stories by using personal keywords
- Support for Notification Center in Mountain Lion
- Retina support, folders, favorites, search and much more
How do the ratings work?
Feedy assigns each item in your feeds a rating. The rating is generated by looking at the number of tweets and shares from social media sites, which tend to be a good indicator of how interesting an article is. Feedy also assigns high ratings for feeds that update infrequently, so you don't miss that rare post from your favorite blog.
Note: Feedy is an independent RSS client that does not rely on third-party services such as Google Reader. No login is required to use Feedy.

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