Feeder 3.7

A simple and convenient way of creating, editing and publishing feeds.

RSS feeds are a most effective solution for promoting a website's articles and with Feeder users get the means for setting them up. The application has a simple to use interface powered by a flexible set of features and capabilities.

Feeder will assist in the creation of RSS feeds, but can also parse them just like an ordinary RSS reader. The use of templates makes the whole process faster, with support for some of the most popular feed types: Default, iTunes Podcast, iTunes U Podcast, Links, News, Podcast, Sparkle Appcast, and Video Podcast. Create and edit articles with control over formatting along with support for HTML tags and more.

After creating your feed, the application will further assist in publishing it online. Specify server details, feed settings for the images and enclosures within the articles.

Feeder includes a set of ping services that can be notified when your feed has been updated. The user can remove or add new ones.

All in all, the application will effectively save user time by automating multiple steps required in the process of creating and publishing RSS feeds.

Rory Shaffer
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  • Quick due to support for multiple templates
  • Simple to use


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