fdf-Converter 8.0

Converts all PDF documents into CSV files.
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UNIVERSE Software GmbH

Create CSV files from PDF by processing the data and preserving the original content and structures in the dedicated suite. The output files function as spreadsheets are accessible via Microsoft Excel or Access for data management, updating, import, and export.

fdf-Converter is a desktop application which creates CSV files from your PDF form data, and gives you and your company the ability to quickly turn your useless data into a data mine (like Excel, Access or other) of valuable information. How does that work? You simply have to select a FDF file or directory with unlimited numbers of FDF files and fdf-Converter will convert all of them to CSV file format. You want all data imported to a certain spreadsheet? No problem. With some few clicks you select an unlimited number of FDF files graphically and organize data import to one single file.
For you can call up fdf-Converter from other applications or via parameter passing you are able to process FDF files to different data formats in series - automatically!
What is a FDF file? FDF files contain content user enter to PDF form fields. That means that there are two different kinds of file formats a PDF form creates: 1st the pure PDF file where texts, structure and pictures of a form are located in. 2nd the FDF file where form field content - that means content a user edits to a form - are saved in. Up to now it is very awkward to convert a FDF file to other data formats like Microsoft Access or an Excel file. fdf-Converter is a very easy solution to create these formats.
Other features
- Convert FDF to Access or Excel
- program call up within other applications or via parameter passing
- process unlimited numbers of FDF files in one step
- create one single file from all FDFs

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