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It is a text editor to note down ideas the moment they cross your mind.
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Leafnote is a minimalist text editor designed to help you note down thoughts and ideas the moment they come into your head. You can use it for daily issues, like taking simple notes and making concise to-do lists, or you may use it with large projects that consist of multiple chapters and sections.

For creative and practical reasons, it is advisable to make a separate document for each new idea that crosses your mind. Later, you can reopen the raw Leafnote files and come back to your writing for further story customization and development.

With this tool, the text layout and style isn't a priority – the editing capabilities are reduced to a minimum, as the program is designed to let you focus on words and plots rather than on text appearance. Therefore, the fonts aren't customizable in terms of styles, colors, or sizes. You can only change alignments and emphasize paragraphs by bolding, underlining, and italicising selected text. The tool allows you to copy text from other sources and paste it into the program for further editing. Document importing is also possible, but exclusively of files with a .txt or an .odf extension, as other file formats aren't supported.

As you can notice, the strength of this text editor doesn't reside in its editing abilities. Leafnote's greatest asset consists of the ability to save pieces of information into manageable chunks of a tree-like unit. You can easily duplicate, delete, or rearrange the chapters, which seem to resemble the leaves of a tree. Once the logical sequence of scenes is determined, the application automatically binds them into a single document on export.

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  • Easy to use
  • Keeps related text pieces together
  • Can rewrite ideas left in different stages of development
  • Binds chapters into a single document on export


  • Limitation to export to RTF, TXT, and ODF document formats
  • Does not count text characters
  • No font customization


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