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Favs helps by collecting all stared, liked, favorite, etc. entries.
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Favs is a simple utility that lets you aggregate all your news sources and social media services into a single location so that you can easily find any article very easily. This is a problem that I face a lot on a daily basis. I often try to remember where it was that I met an article and I just can't find it because I have tons of articles saved on Pocket, Flipboard, Facebook, my web browser bookmarks, and so on.

Favs solves that little nuisance by letting you use a search field that looks for keyboards in every source you have added. If there are any results, you see a few things that might help you find the one that you are looking for. Each result has an icon that tells you from what source it is from and how long ago it was published. You can then click on the result and see it from within the application or launch it in your web browser, which is a better option since most articles are too big for the application's window.

Adding sources was rather quick and I was impressed how fast the application searched for articles. I was able to find the articles I was looking for in no time. All in all, Favs is a nice utility, especially if you use more than a few different sources for news articles.

José Fernández
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  • Support for many different sources
  • Very fast
  • Nice interface


  • The window is a bit too small for some of the articles
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