Favs 1.0

Favourites manager for all your favourite Web and social media content.
1.4.1 (See all)

Favs is a favourites manager for all your favourite Web and social media content. After all, if you are using social networks, you are also creating favorites: on Facebook you 'like', on Twitter and Google Reader you 'star', on Delicious and Pinboard you 'bookmark' and so on.
Find Favorites:
Instead of spreading your favorites across different networks, use Favs to sync them to your Mac. Don't waste any more time on searching for your favorite content - Favs has a powerful search feature build right into the application that makes finding what you like a breeze.
Follow Favorites:
Many favorites are public, for example on Twitter. This allows you to follow the favorites of persons you like and just see their hand-picked articles. For those sources Favs marks new entries as 'unread' and you can use Favs as a sophisticated Reader app.

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