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Free Synchronize email contacts for quick management.
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Optimize data processing and task management when working with emails. Check out the options for automated and manual synchronization of Gmail account data and Mac contacts. Manage individual mailboxes and groups of messages. Remove certain components.

"Fast Sync for Gmail Contacts (Lite)" is a fast and simple way to sync Gmail & Mac contacts .It is accurate and efficient.
❖ Accurately sync Gmail & Mac contacts and groups.
❖ Super easy to use: clean and intuitive interface.
❖ Support Google Apps for Business(
• Lite version can only sync 20 contacts.
• "Fast Sync for Gmail Contacts(Lite)" use the newest multi-thread technology to sync contacts. It takes less than three minutes to sync 2000+ contacts. But the lite version can only sync 20 contacts.
• Sync all contact fields including Photo, Name, Nickname, Title, Company, Notes, Email, Phone, Address, Birthday, URL, Relationship and Instant messaging.
• "Fast Sync for Gmail Contacts(Lite)" use the newest memory control technology. There is no limit on the number of contacts, and pass the 10000 + contacts sync test. But the Lite version can only sync 20 contacts.
• Synchronization the contacts:
Synchronization of the first run, the contacts in Mac will be uploaded to Gmail, meanwhile the contacts in Gmail will be downloaded to Mac.
• When you add or modify contacts in your Mac, then run synchronization again, these contacts will be added or modified in Gmail. For example, when you add a photo in a contact in your Mac, after synchronization contacts, the photo will be sync to Gmail corresponding contact.
• Meanwhile when the contacts are added, modified in Gmail, then run synchronization again, the same changes can be affect on your Mac. You can turn on or off these options according to actual needs.
• If you delete some contacts in Mac or Gmail, then run synchronization again, it will delete the corresponding contacts in Gmail or Mac. This option is off by default. Please open it when you need.
• Your Mac's contacts maybe disorderly.Then you can through the following steps.It will sync Gmail contacts & groups to your Mac.
1.Delete all contacts.
2.Sync again.
• If the addresses are in the CSV files or vCard files, please import them to Google first, and then use "Fast Sync for Gmail Contacts" to sync to Mac.
• Comprehensive support information is available online at
• If you have any inquiries or questions, regarding this application, please contact us: [email protected]. This app will continue to be upgraded and improved to achieve the 100% customer satisfaction. We really appreciate your feedback and would like to hear from you about any comments or suggestions. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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