Fast File Sharing Web Server

Fast File Sharing Web Server 1.6

Mac file sharing software that allows visitors to upload/download unlimited files easily through a Web Browser (Safari...

Fast File Sharing Web Server is a nice file-sharing application. It installs a web-server on your Mac, which gives user a quick access to any folder on your Mac that you want them to see. Then, users connect using any modern web browser and can view, download, upload and delete files. Of course, you can set different permissions to different users, so not anyone can upload and delete files. You also set the folders that your users have access to.

When you first install the application, the folder that your users will have access to is your Mac's Users folder. You want to change that right away. You might also want to delete the user that is already added.

The application's main window is divided into 5 different tabs: General, Logs, Virtual Folders, Users and Security. In General, you can choose the port that you want to use for the service. The default, 8080, worked fine for me. Here, you can also choose to automatically activate the server when you start your Mac, enable guest login, enable guest account registration, and NAT-PMP and UPnP for automatic configuration. You can choose the folders that you want your users to connect to under Virtual Folders, and you can manage your users in Users. The Security Tab lets you add IP filtering to avoid certain users from connecting to your server.

In short, Fast File Sharing Web Server does a great job of letting you share your files with other users, be it on your own network or the Internet. It is a piece of cake to setup and it worked fine for me during my time with it.

José Fernández
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