Helps you make transcripts of video or audio files.
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F5 is intended to help you make transcripts of video or audio files. In this respect, the tool supports playing multiple formats. The application has a nice and straightforward interface, which nobody should have problems to use. Luckily, there is also online help, in case you still need it.

F5 comes with some features that will make scripting from audio a breeze. Luckily, it allows controlling playback not only via GUI buttons but also keyboard shortcuts. In the case of hotkeys, it is possible to configure them according to your preferences. Yet, the most convenient way is by using a foot pedal, which logically requires purchasing additional hardware. There is also the possibility of adjusting volume, speed and pool time to your preferences.

The application lets you use formatted text. Additionally, it can scroll the text along with the audio without your intervention. Likewise, it also adds automatic timestamps. The good news is that, if you are working on a large project, which is usually split into various audio files, you can start where you left it on the previous files by setting a time offset. Moreover, the format of your timestamps can be adapted to your specific needs. Finally, when you are done, the resulting script can be exported to various document formats, including RTF, Word, plain text and OpenDocument.

All in all, F5 can help anyone needing to transcribe audio, such as students and researchers. It is good to know that it also has versions for Windows and Linux, but with a different name (4transkript), which ensures your projects’ portability. Unluckily, it does not support automatic speech-to-text transcription, which would save you a great deal of typing. The product is shareware and available in different licenses for students, doctoral students, universities, NGOs and companies. Similarly, there is a license that allows you to install it on various networked computers.

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Review summary


  • Supports formatted text
  • Adds automatic timestamps
  • Can be controlled in various ways
  • Exports to common document formats
  • Allows working on large projects


  • Does not support automatic speech-to-text conversion



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