F Watch 1.2

real-time monitor for FRITZ!Box phone call histories
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turingart, branch of CUBiC
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F!Watch monitors AVM's FRITZ!Box Phone [7050] DSL/VOIP devices and brings call histories right to your OS X desktop.
Since F!Box Phone is a central device in your network, you not even see your own phone calls, but all phone calls of all users of your VoIP, ISDN or analog phone lines. Since F!Watch polls your devices each few seconds, you always see the current call history in real-time.
Futhermore, F!Watch saves call histories as Microsoft Excel sheets. Thus, F!Watch allows to efficiently control your communication expenses.
What's new in this version:
[Changed] Better, Mac-like user interface [Added] Looks up numbers in address book and prints names, if found [Added] Devices menu allows to quickly open a new monitor [Added] Rules menu to define notification rules based on phone numbers: Beep, spoken and GROWL [Added] Call history saves calls to local dabase file [Added] More help information and shortcuts [Added] Better icon



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