Eye Splatter Paint 8.0

Splatter paint to create visual video designs.
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Dustin O'Connor
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Enhance the visualization and design of your video or image project. Check out the utility enabling the splattering of paint with iSight or web camera devices and their system modules. Generate and customize textures of different types, save projects for recreation, etc.

"Eye Splatter Paint v4" is a unique interactive application that lets you splatter paint with your iSight or web camera. It is both a novel family fun application, and a great texture generating tool for the professional graphics or web designer.
"Eye Splatter Paint v4" lets you create an infinite amount of unique splatter paintings, which can be saved with alpha channels to your pictures folder.
If your not into creating texture content then simply run the app and let the motion of your environment create an evolving digital painting.
If you want a truly unique and interesting artistic experience or if you want a glimpse into the interactive digital future of tomorrow "Eye Spatter Paint v4" is for you.

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