eXtra Voice Recorder

eXtra Voice Recorder 3.2

eXtra Voice Recorder is a very useful audio recording tool.

eXtra Voice Recorder is an application that makes it really easy for you to create voice recordings, regardless of what you are doing on your Mac. This is possible because the app allows you to set global hotkeys to start and continue a recording.

It runs on the menubar, from where you can access the main window by clicking on the microphone icon. This window shows all your recordings and it names them automatically. You can click on a recording to change its name and add a description, which can help you identify the recording later without needing to play it.

There are two toolbars, one at the top and the other at the bottom. The top one lets you start and continue a recording, and access the configuration and help windows. The application can be exited from here as well. At the bottom, you will find buttons that let you add a recording, delete it, some playback controls and the ability to add markers to one of your recordings. When you add markers to one, you will be able to cut it into different clips.

You can set the application to delete silences from your recordings. It can automatically detect when you are not speaking and then edit your recording to cut those parts out. From the Configuration window, you can also set your input audio device and where you want the recordings to be saved. You can right click on a clip and export it to MP3 or AAC.

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  • It can export files to MP3 and AAC
  • Global hotkeys
  • It runs on the menubar


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