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Free Explicit allows users to split video files into two segments.
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Explicit allows users to split video files into two segments. The application uses MEncoder for performing encoding, however it only handles the AVI format. It automatically detects the length of the video file and requires a user-defined position for splitting it. Once the video has been split, the utility retains the original file and creates two new ones, with suffixes added to their names (part 1 and part 2). Keyboard shortcut support is available for some of Explicit's functions.

The application may be used for splitting a large movie into segments that would fit a disc (CD, DVD). The split position may be defined either by moving the slider or by manually specifying the time interval. The video output is placed in a location chosen by the user.

For each selected split interval, the utility provides a preview of the frame; video playback is not available. Compared to other similar applications, it seems that Explicit comes with a limited number of features. It is able to split a movie into two equal-length segments only, and the program doesn't allow you to set a specific output file size. Also, it provides support for a very limited number of formats considering MEncoder's capabilities. Even if your video collection is mostly made up of AVI formats, there are many lightweight tools available that can do a better job.

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Rory Shaffer
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  • Drag and drop support
  • Split video preview
  • Hotkey support


  • Splits in just 2 parts
  • No batch support
  • AVI format supported only



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