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Free An e-learning XHTML editor for teachers to create web-based didactic materials.
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eXeLearning is an e-learning XHTML editor created so that teachers and academics receive assistance while designing, developing and publishing web-based didactic materials. It is a web-based authoring environment that helps teachers create materials for their teaching activities without needing to learn how to use HTML and XML web-publishing utilities on a professional level.
The user interface consists in three panes. The "Outline" pane is aimed at creating a hierarchical structure to follow (e.g., sources - books - chapters). The "iDevices" pane presents various structural elements that are meant to describe the learning content. Such elements are: case studies, free text, image gallery, image magnifier, true-false questions, multi-choice questions. The third pane is basically the work area, made up of two tabs: "Authoring" and "Properties". In order to customize the published content, users can select from a set of graphical style sheets. The created content can be packaged in several ways, for example, as a single web page or as a collection of iPod notes.
Where the downsides are concerned, the utility can stop responding at times and it will close on such occasions. Also, it can be considered that it is not very intuitive to work with for those who have little computer knowledge.
eXeLearning aims to encourage users to to employ the Internet for learning because the app can both provide content and support interaction at the same time. The utility reaches its purpose by providing teachers support to create their learning and teaching web-based tools.

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  • It encourages users to employ the Internet for learning since it is an interactive work medium
  • Web-based didactic materials can be created without professional knowledge of HTML and XML (image galleries, true/false question sheets, free text web pages)


  • The utility can block at times and it will close on such occasions
  • It can be considered that it is not very intuitive to work with for those who have little computer knowledge


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