EtreCheckPro 6.3

Scans your system and generates reports about various areas.

EtreCheckPro is intended to scan your system and generate reports about various areas. The tool is very minimalistic in terms of both interface design and workflow. In fact, it works practically without user intervention. In this respect, you just need to choose the situation that leads you to run a system scan, including slow computer, beachballing, frequent restarts and app crashes. Besides, you can simply run the app in a proactive way to find possible issues even when there are no noticeable manifestations.

The product is quite comprehensive as to the areas it covers, which include hardware, video system, disk attributes and USB configuration. But that is not all as this tool can also check for installed Kernel extensions, user logins, startup items and browser extensions.

The application has a tabbed interface that organize the results according to their severity. The first two tabs divide issues into major and minor problems, with the advice to take care of major issues immediately. They include virus vulnerabilities and possible data losses.

The idea behind the tool is to provide reports about the problems, so do not expect the product to solve them automatically. In this regard, it supports various ways to share reports with others via Internet forums, particularly Apple Support Community. The reports can be copied and pasted to other applications as well as printed or sent via email. However, if you want explicit solutions, you should buy the Power User package.

All in all, EtreCheckPro can help you not only identify computer issues but also prevent their serious consequences. Moreover, if you do not have the knowledge to analyze the reports and find solutions, the tool allows you to share them with expert users. To purchase the Power User package, you must download and try EtreCheck first since the extended feature is only available as an in-app purchase.

Pedro Castro
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  • Runs a very comprehensive scan
  • Classifies issues according to their seriousness
  • Supports various ways to share reports


  • Cannot solve problems automatically