Epichrome 2.3

Helps you create Chrome-based site-specific browsers (SSBs).
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Epichrome is intended to create Chrome-based site-specific browsers, abbreviated as SSBs. The resulting apps run just like any other, and they look exactly like a standard browser; however, they are meant to browse pages within a given website only. When you add Epichrome to your system, it is actually two applications you are installing: the main macOS app as well as a Chrome extension.

Complex as it may seem, creating an SSB with this tool is an actual breeze thanks to the way the interface and the workflow have been designed. In this respect, there is a wizard to help you. Thus, by answering very simple questions, you can successfully create the desired browser. For instance, you are allowed to choose the desired style, set the base URL, use a custom icon and give the app a name.

For the resulting SSBs to work properly, it is essential that Google Chrome is installed on your machine. However, rather than Chrome instances, the SSBs are independent applications that use their own profiles. It is also possible to customize them through the Epichrome Helper extension, which includes setting rules as to which pages should each of them open.

In general, Epichrome has the main advantage of allowing you to create site-specific browsers without effort. Regrettably, according to the app’s developer, the helper extension cannot currently catch button-triggered links. The product is opensource and updates automatically.

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  • SSBs can be customized independently
  • No need to have specialized skills


  • The helper extension cannot currently catch button-triggered links
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