Endicia 2.20

Creates and edits USPS labels for your packages or envelopes.
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Generate and customize different types of labels according to regional or international standards for attaching them to packages or envelopes for mailing. The sender and destination address fields along with the specifications form are fully customizable.

Print mailing labels, envelopes and InstaPostage labels with ease. Print real postage from your Mac. No more standing in long lines at the post office.
New! Supports March 2008 USPS Rates
Print Labels and Envelopes in Batches
Favorites to Remember Common Packages
Print Mailing Labels, Envelopes and Postage
Calculates Domestic and International Rates
Free Delivery Confirmation on Priority Mail
Built-in Support for Electronic Postal Scales
Interactive Shipping Log
Handles Certified Mail and Return Receipt
30 Day Free Trial
$15.95/month plus cost of postage

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