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Expand the use of a wide range of emojis.
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Integrate additional emoticons with different tools for communication. Access the package compatible with Mac and enable the use of a large selection of emojis with your emails, messages, documents, and social apps. Browse the database and select the visuals you want.

Emoji Emoticons gives quick and easy access to over 800 popular emoji icons (emoticons) so your emails, messages, documents and social apps (Facebook and Twitter) come alive with fun colorful images. From smiley to puppy-dog faces, from love hearts to piles of poo. There's sure to be an icon that expresses your feelings or creativity.
* Over 800 high quality emojis
* Quick access to the emoji viewer via hotkey shortcut
* Emoji drag and drop
* Emoji pasting into pasteboard (clipboard)
* Individual emoji hotkeys
* Configurable emoji viewer: width, height, position, size of emojis
* Emoji favorites
* Emojis grouped by category
* Emails - Show someone you love them by sending a big old fashioned love heart
* Documents - Bring dull text documents to life with iconography
* Calendar Entries - Use emojis to highlight important events like birthdays and wedding anniversaries
* Contacts - Associate address book entries with one of the 460 icons at your disposal
* Notes - Add color to your desktop stickies
* File and folder names - Use icons to represent file and folder names
Having launched the application, to show/hide the Emoji Viewer:
* Press: ⌥⌘E
* Or, select the emoji icon from the status bar (you will see a smiley face next to the volume control on the menu bar of your system).
Using an Emoji
* Drag and drop an emoji directly into an application's document
* Or, click an emoji to copy it into the pasteboard (clipboard), then paste it to the application's document (Edit > Paste or Cmd+V for example)
* Or, assign a hotkey to any emoji by right-clicking on an emoji and entering the shortcut key.
Pressing the assigned hotkey will automatically paste the emoji into the pasteboard (clipboard), ready for you to paste into the application's document (Edit > Paste or Cmd+V for example).
* Right-click an emoji and select "Add to Favorites". The emoji will then appear in the Favorites section
* Switch between All and Favorites view by selecting the yellow smiley (All) or the yellow heart (Favorites)

Viewing Compatibility
If you send an email, document or message containing an emoji to another person, it will only display correctly if it is viewed on an operating system and application that supports Apple's emojis. Compatible operating systems include but not limited to: OS X Lion, OS X Mountain Lion, iOS (iPhone and iPad) and certain versions of Android.
To use emojis in Microsoft Word 2011 (Mac) and Apple Pages, ensure the 'As Image' menu item is selected.

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