Elemental - A Musical Instrument

Elemental - A Musical Instrument 1.4

Elemental is a sequencer with eight different accidental notes.
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Elemental is a beautifully presented looping audio sequencer with four different instruments and eight different accidental notes. This use of accidental notes gives the music it generates an Asian vibe, something the developers play up by naming the instruments with Japanese characters for each of four traditional elements - earth, water, wind, and fire. Earth carries the melody, while air provides an ambient backdrop; water and fire each provide their own type of musical accent.

The sequencer is set up to play in a loop automatically. There are no indicators marking time or key, just a grid of empty slots and the four marble-like icons that can be used repeatedly to fill them. Even the few available options (tempo, volume, and pan) are hidden out of view, requiring a click-and-drag downwards to reveal their existence. The keyboard's escape button empties the grid.

It's unclear whether there are features beyond these, since documentation, as with most aspects of this program, is minimal. But the resultant ease-of-use is what makes the program fun - much more fun for the casual user than the inscrutably complex interfaces common to professional sequencing programs.

Sam Lloyd
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  • Beautiful, simple interface
  • Not hard to make a pleasant-sounding loop


  • No documentation
  • No built-in saving functionality apparent
  • Obviously a direct iOS port
  • Fire instrument is a little too brazen
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