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Free This game speaks using real human voices in 8 languages: American English...
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★ This game speaks using real human voices in 8 languages: American English, British English, German, Spanish, Russian, Japanese, Chinese, Hindi, Czech
★ Your child exercises these skills: colors, shapes, left-right orientation, numbers and math.
★ Most of the spoken skill-play uses actual human voices which give yet another dimension to the child’s interaction. The child first listens and learns and later - using ‘blind’ cards - demonstrates their gained knowledge. Currently we ship in 8 languages.
★ Currently we ship 27 skill-play sets each of which sharpen your child's mind while having fun!
★ Sharing the scores online with other children is a fun way to motivate your child to come back and practice again and again. You can view top scores online, both world-wide and national.
★ FREE version limitation: First 5 play sets may be played for free without any limitation. All remaining play sets may also be played for free in exchange for showing the Ads before each game. Ads in all play sets may be removed by single in-app payment.
★ Lessons using books are great, but children learn through play far better than they do using other forms. As a parent, the more you can teach through play, the more that your child will retain later on.
★ Children will enjoy shuffling the cards using our realistic gravity animations.
★ A unique system of score calculation enables online sharing of your top scores. You can see both world-wide and national top scores. Will you beat them?

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