Echelon: a passive Twitter client 1.0

Echelon is a a passive Twitter client to see what the world is talking about.
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Giorgio Calderolla
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Echelon is a wonderful way to see what the world is talking about.
Just enter your query, like "lady gaga", "#apple" or "@BarackObama" and watch as Echelon displays what the whole Twitter is saying about it - right now - one tweet at a time.

You don't need a Twitter account to use Echelon.

You can change Echelon's looks to your liking: zoom in/out with a pinch gesture on your multi-touch trackpad, enter full screen with a key press, and change colors and backgrounds whenever you like.

Echelon is great for wall projecting at parties and conferences, or just to look at Twitter in a whole new way.

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