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Easy Phone Tunes is a utility that can transfer your music to Android phones.
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Easy Phone Tunes

Easy Phone Tunes is a utility that can transfer your music to Android phones. It is a wizard-based app that can detect your phone when connected to your Mac and transfer your entire iTunes library or playlists to the phone for you. For the application to detect your phone, it has to be able to go into USB mass storage mode. If a volume is mounted on Finder when you connect the phone, then it is ready to go.

The wizard first asks you to accept the user's agreement and then it will display a list of devices connected to your Mac. This window shows some instructions what to do to get your phone detected if you are having issues. Once you have selected your phone, you can proceed to choose exactly what you want to transfer to it. In my case, the application detected my iTunes playlists and it offered me three options. The first one was not to copy anything at all. The second one wast to "copy the complete music library to the phone" and, the third, to "copy the contents of an existing iTunes playlist to the phone". If you select the third option, you can choose the playlists that you want to copy.

At the bottom of the tunes selection window, you will see a graph that shows how much space is free and how much is used at the moment. The red part of this graph demonstrated the used space and the green part displays the free space. Unfortunately, the app doesn't specify how much space is used or free. You have to guess.

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  • Some help on how to get your phone detected
  • It can transfer entire playlists
  • It saves some time


  • The app doesn't specify the free or used space
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