EarMaster Pro 7.0

Provides ear training exercises and aural skill development options.
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Practice music training and learn the differences between tones, notes, and composition elements, learn to maintain and shift pitch and rhythm by listening to practice samples and developing aural skills with the digital suite containing a set of exercises available in 23 languages.

EarMaster Pro is an interactive ear training and sight-singing practice app for musicians and music students of all skill levels.
A complete workshop to improve your musical skills: Over 2000 ear training and sight-singing exercises for all levels Train to recognize, transcribe, sing and play music by ear Covers intervals, chords, chord inversions, harmonic progressions, scales, rhythm (including swing) and melodies Microphone and instrument input with real-time evaluation of your answers Standard Course and Jazz course designed by professional music teachers Used by thousands of music schools across the globe Available in 14 languages

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