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Dupe Away 3.0

This app helps you find and remove duplicates within your iTunes library.
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When having a comprehensive iTunes songs collection, there's a big chance you might have duplicated music files within your libraries. Dupe Away is a program for Mac that offers you a solution for this issue and helps you find and remove any duplicated tune in just a few moments.

Once you launch the application, it automatically scans your iTunes libraries and immediately provides you results. The app can find song replicas, abandoned tunes (files that aren't in iTunes yet), missing files, and playlists dupes.

An advantage of Dupe Away is that it allows you to play any found song dupe before deleting it.
The only negative thing I have to say regarding this application is that it can only scan iTunes libraries. Therefore, the program doesn't let you select folders within your Mac or external drives to scan for duplicated tunes.

To summarize, Dupe Away is a helpful program that helps you clean up your iTunes libraries from duplicated songs. The app immediately finds tunes replicas and abandoned files, provides you with fast scanning speed, and uses a small amount of CPU resources.

Ashley Griggs
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  • Intuitive and appealing interface
  • Immediately scans your iTunes libraries
  • Finds song duplicates and abandoned tracks


  • Unable to scan entire folders within your Mac, only iTunes libraries
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