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Reduces or completely eliminates drum bleed from your recordings.
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Drumatom is intended for reducing or completely eliminating drum bleed, also called spill. To put it in simpler terms, this tool can detect and remove the sound of other drums bleeding via nearby microphones from your recordings. It seems logical that it is musicians and sound engineers who can take the most out of this product.

The application has a nice interface, which in many ways reflects the basic workflow. First, you can start by importing a set of audio files from a multitrack recording. Such formats as WAV, AIFF and CAF are supported and you can simply drag and drop the files onto the window. Then, you can specify what each of the input recordings represents. It could be kick, overhead, snare, toms, etc. With this data, Drumatrom can analyze those source files and detect elements that are likely to come from other kit pieces.

After this, it is possible to adjust the level of the bleeds on separate tracks. To clean the recordings from bleeds, there is a set of leakage suppression controls, which you can use to adjust the suppression level. When everything sounds quite as expected, you can export the processed tracks, and this time, WAV and AIFF are the supported formats.

The tool can effectively reduce spills on most types of recordings. However, even though it does its job quite well in circumstances when other gates cannot, it may still produce imperfect results when dealing with more difficult recordings. For instance, when the leaked signal is too loud, it may fail to attenuate it properly. Likewise, it can also dull the top end of the wanted sound. It is also a shame that it cannot work on any other spills than those recorded on drum close microphones.

In general, Drumatrom is one of the best products in its category. It definitely achieves better results than most other similar tools. Since the price may seem a little too high, it is good that there is a trial version of the product to help you spend your money wisely.

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  • Works fine when other gates cannot
  • Automatic analyzes and detects foreign sounds


  • May dull the top end of the wanted sound
  • Works with drum close microphones only



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