DropShare 5.7

A client application that helps you share data, screenshots and screencasts.

Dropshare is a client application that helps you connect to Dropshare Cloud, which is intended for sharing data with other users. Luckily, it also works with any other cloud services providers, including Rackspace, OneDrive, Backblaze, Azure, Dropbox, Google Cloud and Dream Objects. Likewise, it can even connect to your own server. In terms of security, it is good to hear that data transfers are encrypted, which makes the app quite secure in this regard. Good news is also that there is an online tour that teaches you the basics and demonstrates the tool’s features.

There is nothing complicated about using this app. All you need to know is that it runs from the Menu Bar from where you can access its functions. One of the simplest operations consists in uploading a file to the cloud, which you can do by dragging and dropping it to Dropshare panel. Similarly, the panel serves to let you quickly access the uploaded files.

For other operations, it is possible to use the app’s menu. For instance, you can copy an entire folder and then use the “Upload from Clipboard” command. Yet, that is not all. The tool lets you capture a screen region and make annotations to it before uploading. In the same manner, it supports recording and sharing screencasts. Another possibility is that of composing notes in Markdown format. Finally, if you are good at remembering keyboard shortcuts, you can easily assign your favorite to the operations mentioned before.

Apart from data sharing, Dropshare does not include additional features that facilitate collaboration. For instance, it does not allow using specific access controls or permissions. Neither does it support messaging or workflow management.

As a whole, Dropshare has the advantage of being quite secure and supporting various collaboration cloud services. Regrettably, it does not support as many collaboration features as other similar apps. The product is free but, depending on your needs, it may require acquiring a subscription as an in-app purchase.

Pedro Castro
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  • Lets you connect to various cloud services
  • Encrypted data transfers
  • Supports annotating screenshots
  • Records screencasts
  • Lets you compose Markdown notes
  • Configurable keyboard shortcuts


  • Does not allow using specific access controls or permissions
  • Does not support messaging
  • Does not support workflow management
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