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Free Interactive geometry software for GNU/Linux, XO laptop, Windows and Mac OS X.
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Hilaire Fernandes
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Dr. Geo is a winning award interactive geometry software for GNU/Linux, XO laptop, Windows and Mac OS X. Written entirely in Pharo Smalltalk, Dr. Geo allows one to create a geometric sketch and to manipulate it according to its constraints. It is usable at home or at school, in primary or secondary education level. It is simple and effective with some unique features as scripting and programming.
Why a free Dr. Geo software? Because equality of access should be granted to kids all around the world! This is why Dr. Geo runs on the XO (the laptop designed for the kids of developing countries).
The reader can look at this gentle overview prepared for the ESUG2008 Technological Innovation Awards. For fresher news, one can read my blog articles related to Dr. Geo.

Dr. Geo with several sketches
I started writing Dr. Geo in 1996 with the idea of empowering the user. As of today Dr. Geo comes with several user power tools:
A user friendly interface suitable to 10 years old kids
A script system to extend DrGeo capabilities
Smalltalk programmed interactive sketch
An interactive geometry framework entirely written with the dynamic and interactive Smalltalk language. It gives power to the user to modify Dr. Geo while it is running.

My goal is to provide an interactive geometry framework for primary and secondary education in mathematics, physic sciences and computer science. The main use of Dr. Geo is the construction of geometric sketches to explore properties. It can be used by a learner to explore geometry and programming or by an educator to set up a teaching situation on a specific topic.
Dr. Geo's power tools, there are very powerful tools and we documented it
Thanks to its unique programming features, the learner, educator or curious is entirely free to design more complex contents: for example with script, one can build a geometric sketch to compute the slope at an arbitrary location of a given curve. Or the user can describe a recursive curve with Smalltalk programmed sketch. The integration of user programming tools in Dr. Geo opens large use cases.

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