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Create virtual models of your house or any other building.
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DreamPlan is intended to create virtual models of your house or any other building. In this respect, the program supports not only drawing floor plans but also generating complete 3D models. Likewise, it lets you work on landscaping the surroundings.

The tool’s interface is quite similar to those of other CAD tools, mostly those intended for architectural design. Yet, it is simple enough to be used by not only specialists but inexperienced users as well. There is even a welcome screen to help you choose the desired task, such as starting a new project, visualizing a sample, opening previous works and tracing floor plans. Luckily, there is even an online tutorial available.

A new project can start from scratch, but it is also possible to import 3D models created with other programs. Moreover, you can start from drawing the floor plans and then raise the walls based on them. Luckily, it supports designing various floors if it is necessary. Likewise, it lets you add many types of elements, such as walls, doors, windows and stairs. These items can be painted in different colors and even given the desired texture.

There is also a library containing furniture, appliances and exterior elements, such as trees and fences, which allows you to create a more realistic model. This is quite useful when your intention is remodeling interiors or figuring out the best spots to place your furniture. more

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  • Supports interior and exterior design
  • Allows designing buildings with several floors
  • Supports colors and textures
  • Exports to other formats
  • Imports 3D models
  • Library containing multiple elements
  • Various views: blueprint, 2D and 3D
  • Free for home use


  • Did not work fluidly on my machine
  • Not suitable for professional work



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