Inklet 2.1

Elevates trackpads by emulating a pen tablet and making them pressure sensitive.
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Emulates a pen tablet and makes it pressure sensitive. The first 3rd party tool compatible with Apple’s new Force Touch trackpads, offering excellent pressure control on newer machines and even pinching using fingers. Detects and rejects accidental touches around the edges.

Inklet allows your trackpad to emulate a pen tablet. When you're using a Pogo Sketch, the trackpad even becomes pressure sensitive. Features The full tablet - Moving your Pogo Sketch lightly around the trackpad will allow the cursor to hover without inking. Increase pressure to draw; heavier pressure will result in a thicker stroke. Handwriting recognition - Inklet works with the handwriting recognition built into OS X. Use your trackpad to jot notes or doodle. Advanced palm rejection - Inklet includes an advanced algorithm to detect unwanted trackpad touches. This means you don't have to worry about accidentally resting your palm on the trackpad as you draw.

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