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Create, transform, and print 3D models, mostly by blending meshes.
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MeshMixer allows you to create, transform, and print 3D models, mostly by blending meshes. Fortunately, the application comes with various sample models you can choose. Moreover, it is not difficult to find many more of these on the Internet. Although the tool's interface is quite intuitive, it may be difficult to use for the first time. However, it is hard to find a 3D modelling application that is not complicated due to multiple functions you need to master. Fortunately, there is plenty of help documentation, including a 3D printing video tutorial.

Most of the space in the main window is used for rendering the 3D model. Luckily, you can easily rotate the object or switch views (top, bottom, right, left, front and back). There is also a side panel on the left from which you can perform most of the operations that allow manipulating the model.

One of the main actions is combining various models to create a new one. You need to start from a ready-made model and modify it by adding the available objects from a great collection of primitives, body parts, letters, numbers and symbols. It is good news that, like most similar apps, Meshmixer supports multiple composition modes, like Append to Mesh, Create New Object, Boolean Union and Boolean Substract. The application also lets you edit the surface of the objects, for instance, by dragging the vertixes or deleting a section. Moreover, it comes with various tools intended to analyze the model's strength, thickness and stability.

When you finish creating your model, you can easily print it. In this regard, it supports a long list of 3D printer models and you can even add more if it becomes necessary. If you do not have a printer or want to save your work for another time, it is possible to export the model. Again, the tool can save to various formats, such as STL ASCII, OBJ, COLLADA, PLY, AMF and VRML.

All in all, MeshMixer is a great tool, particularly in these times when 3D printers are becoming increasingly affordable. However, there are frequent reports by other users about the application crashing when working with large files. The product is fortunately open-source, so do not miss the opportunity to play around with 3D objects.

Pedro Castro
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  • Supports multiple printers
  • Multiple views
  • Built-in tools to analyze strength, thickness and stability


  • Cannot start a model from scratch
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