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Generates and retrieves strong passwords based on a graphical pattern.
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DotPass generates and retrieves strong passwords based on a graphical pattern. So, by just providing the tool with plain text seed words and drawing the desired pattern, the application comes up with a password you can copy and paste wherever you need it. As you may have noticed, using this tool entails no difficulty whatsoever.

Its interface is minimalistic and straightforward. It shows a series of dots you need to join to form the desired pattern. There is also a text box where you should type the seed word that best describes the password. For instance, to generate a password for your Gmail account, you could use “Gmail” as a seed word and draw a Z for your pattern. The resulting password can be a very strong password, like t&2w%gWRr, which uses a combination of uppercase and lowercase letters and symbols.

The passwords can be retrieved again whenever you need them. The process is not so different: just open the application, type the same seed word you initially used and draw the same pattern. Then, you can copy the password to the clipboard, ready to paste it on the desired form.

In terms of security, the application has the advantage that it does not store your passwords anywhere as they are generated on the fly. There is no need to synchronize passwords between devices because all versions of the tool use the same password-generating algorithm. This means that you can open DotPass on any computer or portable device and get the desired password just by entering the correct seed words and drawing the right pattern. Additionally, you can minimize the risk of someone else peeking while entering your data, you can set the application to hide the pattern and seed words after entry. Likewise, any password copied to the clipboard is automatically cleared after you paste it or after 30 seconds.

All in all, DotPass lets you use strong passwords without needing to remember them. Just a wish: the application could help users remember their patterns and seed words in case they forget them. Of course, I know this can open a security breach; however, the user should be able to decide whether to enable the option or not. The product can be bought from the Mac App Store at a very reasonable price.

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  • Generates strong passwords
  • Avoids the need to remember passwords
  • Does not store your passwords
  • Generates the same password without the need to synchronize them
  • Passwords automatically cleared from the clipboard


  • Cannot help users remember forgotten seed words and patterns


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