DoodleDesk 1.2

Turns Mac desktops into whiteboards for presentations.
Transform the desktop of a Mac computer into a media presentations screen with interactive capabilities. Select the space for the digital canvass to display backgrounds, apply and manage drawing tools for free management of content, add notes, sketches, etc.

DoodleDesk allows you to use your Mac's desktop as a whiteboard. DoodleDesk puts a blank canvas where your background would be, and lets you draw freely - the perfect place to make notes, sketch ideas or simply pass time doodling.
DoodleDesk is perfect for engineers, programmers, designers, teachers, writers - if you've ever sketched an idea, DoodleDesk is for you. DoodleDesk keeps it simple, allowing your ideas to shine through.
- Replaces your desktop with a drawing surface
- Draw freely with 3 pens and an eraser
- Place notes anywhere to add text to your sketches

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